A lot of website design tools have come out over the years. However, WordPress still remains as one of the most sought after options for website designs worldwide. And many still feel that custom designed WordPress websites are still among the best in the business. Well, here are some reasons why we feel that you should have a custom designed WordPress site as well.

It is Free and Open Source

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WordPress is a completely free website design solution. It remains free no matter how big your website gets and does not restrict functionality at any stage. Better yet, it is open source which means you would get access to hundreds of services for literally no cost at all.

It has innumerable themes and plugins


WordPress has plenty of interesting themes you can choose from when designing your website. However, its main highlight is its plugin database, which enables you to insert sliders, photo galleries, forums, shopping carts, and you name it, in your website with utmost ease. If you know some coding, then you can tweak these plugin codes to add more spunk to the functions and services.

Last but not least, if you need a plugin to create amazing forms across your website, Happyforms plugin can help you do that without taking too much of space.


It is got an outstanding CMS and Visual Editor


WordPress has a very user-friendly backend that helps users with various functionalities, including the Paste from Word tool that enables users to directly import content from word onto WordPress. The CMS functionality of WordPress is also outstanding, with new features (like custom post types, trash, revision histories, etc.) being added to it on a regular basis.

It is a blog platform


WordPress became famous for its blogging. It still retains it in the default configuration for the home page of the website. It also offers you a slew of services to choose from when designing your blog, including tags, threads, categories, themes, widgets, gravatars, anti spam solutions and moderation controls, etc. A blog would definitely attract more visitors to your website. You can also use the feature to set up a simple blog rather than an entire website.

It is Highly Secure


In addition to easy installation (in less than 5 minutes!), WordPress is very easy to handle when it comes to new upgrades and security updates that usually leave individuals in a tizzy. New upgrades and versions are notified via a one click upgrade link. However, it is considered wise to first back up your website data before opting for an upgrade in order to thwart the loss of data over unforeseen situations.

Easy SEO


Many have revealed that using WordPress installs has helped them gain increased search results. WordPress uses simple layouts, plugins, permalinks and linking structures that are highly attractive to search engines like Google. Even the head of Google’s very own ‘web spam team’ Matt Cutts is said to have quoted that WordPress is a great choice for websites aiming for high results. He is further said to have mentioned that Google always recommends its clients to convert to WordPress when aiming for SEO.


WordPress remains the undisputed champion among all other tools when it comes to designing websites quickly and easily. It offers you plenty of services and enhanced functionality. It is highly secure and works well with SEO engines as well. If you are still apprehensive about the same, then the reasons mentioned above would surely help you decide.

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