Understanding the significance of Personal Branding

Augmented globalization and the rapid changes in the job market are providing the much-needed impetus to personal branding as each and every individual is trying hard to remain buoyant in this complex economy.

Tom Peters in 1997 mentioned in his book called ‘The Brand Called You’ that every individual is a brand in itself regardless of sex, age and position. He also says, “We all should comprehend the significance of the personal branding and furthermore we should try hard to become the CEO of our personal company: ‘Me Inc.’”. As per the views of Tom Peters, in the difficult times of job recession and economic slump, you can only survive if you become the head marketer for ‘you’ to create your personal brand.

So true it is because in the tricky job market only ‘few’ jobs are currently available, for which the competition is tough. Without being the highly demanded personnel, you cannot keep yourself afloat in this sinking economy.

After Tom Peters, the ‘Reach Personal Branding Club’, initiated in 2001, has promoted personal branding among business owners as well as the individual job aspirants.

Personal branding in laymen terms means determining your inner self to take out your qualities and characteristics that can make you unique and stand out in a group of people. Outstanding qualities of yours may help you immensely in grabbing lucrative job and business opportunities to fulfill your goals.

Let’s understand the importance of personal branding in context of only ‘you’.

Let the world know about you

Personal branding is a self explanatory term that signifies the process of personal marketing. Most of the time we possess some of the remarkable qualities, but due to certain reasons or may be because of the fear of negligence, we do not let our qualities pop up. Personal branding highlights your persona and allows you to stand out of the crowd. Personal brand is important to let you come out in the limelight while allowing the world to know the real ‘you’.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more are extremely helpful in creating your personal brand that could be reflected online to the whole world. For example, if you are extensively active on the social media websites and all have a same theme or same profile picture, your prospective clients or the recruiters will be able to recognize you much easily than otherwise.

Through personal branding strategies, you can easily enhance your worldwide presence and acquire the maximum career opportunities.

Because You are Everything

I, me and myself. These three words fit perfectly in the process of personal branding. All the personal branding strategies work effectively and collectively to bring out the best qualities of yours. In this process, ‘you’ are the centre point of all activities. Along with your personal branding manager, you can also act as your marketing manager.

‘You are everything’ and all other things and people around you are secondary. If you are branding yourself then you must only think about your personal qualities rather than thinking what qualities others possess. You need not imitate others, but you should highlight your individual characteristics and qualities and then communicate them to the world.

Different people around you perceive your personality in a different way; therefore, you need not present yourself in several ways in front of everyone. Create a universal personality for the entire world and present yourself as a single entity that can be recognized everywhere as a brand.

You deserve to be your self

Personal branding aims at highlighting your strong characteristics and qualities rather than cultivating new traits in you. Everyone has his own personality that should never be underestimated. Almost all personal branding managers give stress on remaining your self and they do not want the individual to copy others. In this way, even you get the chance to love yourself, which, in turn, makes you more confident to face the world.

Personal branding also allows you to recognize your inner qualities so that you can develop them in a better way. As an example, if you are a singer and wish to have a bright career in singing, but shy of facing the stage and audience; in this situation, personal branding manager or personal branding strategies are helpful for you. Being an individual, you deserve to be yourself. Hence, with the process of personal branding, you can enhance yourself as a singer and get the confidence to sing on stage without any stage fear.

In the context of the corporate and job world, personal branding is currently emerging as a business-marketing trend. We usually see the names of CEO and MD highlighted along with the company name. This is the result of personal branding now opted by the corporates as well.