Understanding the demerits of Unique Selling Proposition

Despite having a slew of advantages, a wrongly conceived, projected and implemented Unique Selling Proposition might miss the element of uniqueness. Owing to several factors, businesses and brands need to revisit the pointers that inspired them to create their unique selling proposition; accordingly, when they think things are not working for them, what they simply need to do is think of ways to propose better changes. In this article, we intend to discuss some perceivable demerits of Unique Selling Proposition:

Short Lifespan: Unique selling proposition has a very short shelf life. A common method is to base a unique selling proposition on specific benefits of your consumers. Your USP cannot benefit you for a long period. You have to change it according to your clients or customers.

Unclear message: It is possible to develop a USP that fails to speak to the needs of your target population. If you base your selling proposition on your low prices, but your target demographic cares more about excellent quality than price, consumers might dismiss you.

Lack of Uniqueness: All companies claim for their unique USP; nevertheless, if one company establishes its USP in the market, all competitors rush to copy it. As a result, it loses its uniqueness.

Narrow Consumer Base

It only targets a segment of the population, products that only appeals to men, senior citizens or women with children, limits your customer base. In some case, it works well, particularly if you can create high profit margins to offset lower sales because you have a unique product a specific customer group wants.

Nowadays, people are busy with their day-to-day lives and they value time more than money. Time is really turning out to be cash because one who has time has money. If you are offering include products or services that can save consumer’s time, it can make a big difference in their lives. If you want to generate interest in your product, USP is vital to focus on. It must show some important benefits, and being able to save the time.