Thing you need to know about your customers

Regardless of features and specifications of your product or service, no one will buy it if he/she does not want or need it. Knowing and understanding consumer needs is at the center of every successful business, whether it sells directly to persons or other businesses. Once you have this information, you can use it to convince potential and existing consumers that buying from you is in their best interests.

Who your customers are? If you sell directly to individuals, then it is essential to know who they are. What is their age, gender, marital status and their occupation? If you sell to other businesses, find out what kind of business they are; it is essential to know whether they are small private company or a big multinational?

What is their profession? In the case of individuals, it is essential to knowing their occupation and interests. If you are selling to other businesses then it helps you understand what their business is trying to achieve.

Why they purchase? If you know why customers buy a product or service, it will become easier to match their needs to the profit your business can offer.

When they purchase? If you approach a customer just at the time they want to buy, you will increase your chances of successes amazingly.

How they purchase? It is beneficial to know myriad ways customers prefer to buy products or services. For example, some people prefer to buy online, while others prefer a face-to-face meeting.

What is their purchasing power? You should know about the purchasing power of your customers. This will help you to match your offerings with the affordability of your customers.

What makes your clients feel good about buying? If you know what makes your clients feel good about buying things, you can improve your policies or schemes to attract them.

What are their expectations? If your customers are spending their valuable time and money on you, they also expect reliable delivery from you. It is your duty to meet their expectations instead of disappointing them.

What is your image? It is important to have a great image of your company or brand in the eyes of your customers because if they enjoy dealing with you, they will like to buy more from you. This will lead to increase your sales in the marketplace.

Do they find any difference between you and your competitors? It is also important to know how your customers view your competition because if you know this, you stand a much better chance of staying ahead of your rivals.

You can learn a great deal about your clients by talking to them. It will be beneficial to asking them why they buying or not buying. Asking them, what they may want to buy in the future and what other needs they have can give a valuable picture of what is important to them.