Many believe that social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, etc. are great for staying in touch with family and friends. However, social media is more than just a personal interaction tool. It has great potential to market a business and boost revenues. The more likes a business gets on social media, the more customers it gains. This would have a direct impact on the business’s online presence and brand value as well. Accordingly, here are 5 ways in which social media marketing can help boost your business revenues.

Facilitate Sales and Orders via Facebook

Facebook can be used to improve the online presence of your business. However, a mere online presence would not help boost revenue to desirable levels. An effective way to facilitate it would be to make sales or accept orders via Facebook. In addition to enabling you to market your product to a wider target audience, you can give your customers the convenience of easy purchases.

Improve Customer Service via Social Media

The social media has become a prominent tool for clients and customers to voice their feedback, for compliments as well as complaints. You can make use of this trend by creating a social media page for your customers to visit when they want to compliment or complain about your services. You can use this feedback to work on your business tactics and strategies further. Better yet, having a social media page dedicated for feedback would cut down the number of support calls you get at your call center. Encouraging your customers to voice their concerns openly would also contribute to this win-win situation that would boost your business revenues automatically.

Set appointments and reservations via Twitter

Many businesses tend to have a lot of followers on Twitter. However, utilizing those followers to boost business revenue is the trick that needs to be perfected. One way to achieve this is to use your business Twitter account to accept appointments and reservations for your services. In addition to increasing the convenience factor for potential clients and customers, this would help boost business revenues in the process.

Live Chats on Website

Customers love to chat directly with the concerned people when they visit a website and have a query. In this case, having a simple ‘Live Chat’ option on your business website can work wonders for your business revenues. Having someone tend to the live chat sessions and answer queries promptly would boost customer satisfaction tremendously. All you need to ensure is that the live chats are manned by well trained individuals who are precise and prompt in their answers.

In-depth view of Business Proceedings via Pinterest

Pinterest can be of great help in attracting customers via photos and videos. So post regular images and videos related to your business in order to garner interest among users who would then visit your website to know more. For instance, if you have a restaurant, post photos of chef specials or signature dishes to attract potential diners.


In short, the world has come a long way in terms of social media. You can utilize the same to boost your business revenues significantly. So consider these options while doing so and get the cash registers ringing.

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