No matter which tool enters the market, WordPress is still considered by many as the undisputed leader in terms of CMS for both personal and professional websites. Here are some reasons why we feel this is so.

Open Source and Flexible

WordPress happens to be an open source platform that is completely flexible for both novices and experts. It is extremely easy for even individuals with no kind of programming knowledge whatsoever to use the themes and plugins present here, on their websites free of cost or for a small fee.

Being an open source platform, WordPress also allows users to create their own themes and plugins and publish it here. These themes and plugins would then be used by other users. WordPress currently has over 26000 plugins which have been downloaded more than 490 million times. This clearly shows how extensive the WordPress community is among users, programmers and even website developers.


The great thing about WordPress is that you can build several websites as well as maintain them simultaneously without the need to build each one of them from scratch. Individuals in the internet marketing business can benefit greatly from this service. For instance, if you are planning to launch a couple of products at the same time, you can design different websites for each of these products in no time at all. Maintaining them would also not be that much of an issue.


WordPress has an impressive database of users from around the world. Hence, there is no dearth to the number of support articles one can come across on the platform when searching for a specific tool or service. One can easily label this as ‘information overload’ as the sheer volume of support available here can easily become overwhelming. The only catch is that you would need to sift through the tutorials and support functions to find out which ones are legitimate and which ones are fake.


One of the main reasons why WordPress became popular is its blogging feature. It is also still called a blogging platform by many. You can easily configure and set up a blog on your website in no time at all. WordPress would provide all the necessary plugins and functions needed for the same as well. This in turn, would ensure your blog is up and running in a matter of hours.

Multi User Functionality

In some cases, an organization would have multiple users to manage its website. As such, multi user functionality would need to be introduced to provide all these users access to the site and its functions. WordPress also allows for privileges to be set for each of these users so that each user would only be able to perform his task and not anything else. For instance, a user given the privilege of uploading content would only be able to upload content. He/she would not be able to change any details with respect to the integral design of the website.

Back Up and Security

WordPress is one of the easiest tools to back up. It also has a myriad of secure plugins you can choose from for security. Thus, individuals using WordPress for their websites can be assured of privacy and security.


WordPress is still considered as the best CMS for personal and professional websites. The reasons mentioned above would also reiterate this fact. Hence, individuals who need to set up a website in a very short span of time and with a limited budget can easily rely on WordPress and its tools.

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