Some feel that simply having a website would be enough to gain visibility and boost revenues as well. The truth however, is far from that. The success of a website is measured by how quickly and effectively it manages to achieve set personal and professional goals. This success doesn’t come from just the look alone. Here are some reasons why you would need more than a plain website to achieve your goals.

Need for Purpose

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A website is no good unless it has a specific purpose. The purpose of a website would need to be understood by its visitor and would be the main factor that attracts more visitors to the site. Without it, visitors would never be able to understand what your website is all about. Unless you clearly define it, your visitors would only tend to get it wrong.

Need for Search Engine Optimization


 Your website is no good unless it is visible to visitors and potential customers. Without a good SEO package, it would not be able to gain that visibility. SEO offers several sources and solutions for increasing traffic to a website, including pay per click advertising, inbound links and search engine visibility, etc. Therefore, having a website without a strategic SEO package in place would do no good for your business.

Need for Quality Content

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The content of a website would most surely decide its fate. While SEO would help you gain more visitors to your site, the chances of converting them into customers slim down drastically if you don’t have proper content on your site. Valuable information is what customers want to see on a website rather than an attractive design.

Need for User Experience

Need for User Experience

Unhappy users would not stay for long. They would neither return to your site nor recommend it to others as well. Every visitor would want to find things easily and quickly. Therefore, a website without an enhanced user experience would not do much for your business goals.

Need for Proper Navigation

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Most websites get stuck with what is called the ‘mystery meat navigation’ technique wherein the entire site is filled with nothing but pictures sans any text. The only way you can find out what a picture intends to say is by moving your mouse over it. And then, there’s also the case of adding too much navigation tools in one page which would turn out to be pretty confusing to handle. Not only would these be time consuming processes, but they would also become frustrating for visitors after a while. So ensuring proper navigation is a key factor that contributes to the success of an otherwise plain website.

Need for Proper Sales Technique


Visitors to your website are not going to be impressed enough to buy if you keep providing them with information and don’t interact with them in the process. Customers wish to be heard. Therefore, a website that does not have the proper tools to initiate calls to proper actions with regard to the sales process, would not be able to realize its personal and professional goals.


In today’s internet driven world, having just a website would definitely not be enough for your personal and professional goals. The above reasons mention why it is important for your website to integrate these tools and services if it needs to become more visible to visitors and potential customers.

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