You may have decided to create a personal website for your business, and may be contemplating about hiring a professional web design agency to do the job for you. However, before trusting any web design company blindly and entrusting them with your information, here are some necessary questions you would need to ask them. Doing so would ensure that the created website achieves the purpose for which it was created.

Can you show me your previous websites?

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Ask the company for examples of previous websites they have worked on. This would enable you to catch a glimpse of how they work as well as their preferred approach to designing and maintaining a website. Ask for quite a few examples so that you can easily visualize what to expect from them.

Can you show me samples of your previous projects?

samples of your previous projects

The website design company you opt for should be more than willing to show you their portfolio so that it would be easier for you to decide whether they would suit your business and its requirements. Test one of their previous websites for functionality and client usability. Ask your friends or other individuals in the same field for feedback regarding the same.

Can you give me references I can talk to?


A website design company with a good track record would definitely be willing to share plenty of references. Call these references and ask them about their satisfaction with regards to the company and its services. If the company refrains from providing references, avoid doing business with them.

Will you optimize the website for SEO?

search engine optimization of your website

You would definitely want your website to pop up on search engines when people search for it or other related queries. As such, you need to ask the website design company if they would optimize your website for SEO. The company should have prior experience in this field and should integrate SEO into the integral design of the website from the very start.

Will you be able to add special features to the website?

add special features to the website

A redundant website would stop attracting customers pretty soon. As such, you would need to ask the website design company if they would be able to infuse special features into the site from time to time. Ask for features that are quite common and even considered necessary in many websites today, including discussion forums, live chats and social media buttons, etc.

Do you provide protection against Hackers and Copyright Issues?


Customers who are not sure about the security of your website would never make a purchase on it. So ask the website design company about the online security features they plan to integrate into the site so that you need not worry about hackers.

The web design company you opt for should also be knowledgeable about copyright laws and issues in order to prevent online theft of your data or images. This would also avoid the legal hassles that come with using copyrighted material from another website.


You need to be very cautious when planning to hire a professional web design agency to create and maintain your personal website. The questions mentioned above would surely guide you in the right direction in choosing the best design agency for your website.

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