Personal branding is indispensible for your business. Here’s why

In the intensely competitive scenario, all businesses are trying to sustain themselves but only few manage to survive. In the era of globalization, all startups are now competing on a global scale with established and more illustrious businesses. This implies that your brand identity has to be unique to tide over the competition and make your presence felt in the global arena. This is where personal branding scores over corporate branding.

Use the power of personal branding to grow your business

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Many startup entrepreneurs have found a way to market themselves to the world by using their own names as a foundation; and they are reaping rich dividends from the same. The concept of presenting and promoting your company as a unique brand built around your own individuality offers you a bevy of advantages. This allows you to adapt your branding according to your needs and requirements, irrespective of the size the industry or your budget.

Create content while keeping your target audience in mind

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Individuals and business establishments alike are harnessing the immense potential of social media to their advantage. With increasing computer literacy and rapid spread of internet, social media platforms have emerged as the most feasible option for spreading your message. The ever-increasing social media clan not only gets to know your brand and its appealing features, but also can evaluate it. Thus, your content has to concise, well structured and highly informative.

However, you can reveal your funny side too, but avoid overdoing it, as most people will not take you seriously. You have to be impeccable with the timing of posting your content over these media platforms. You also have the option to go against the norm and address controversial topics in your posts. This option is only reserved for those who believe in what they say and can substantiate their claims with proofs.

Claims devoid of proofs can deter your personal branding endeavor for good. Avoid covering topics that can hurt the sentiments of any community. Your approach has to be balanced, maverick and authentic. It is a tight ropewalk; the moment you lose your balance and focus, you would land on your head.

Time of posting the content

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Ordinarily, people think about aspects, often perceived as more illustrious and rewarding like quality and informative value of the content, and formatting in which it is presented. However, they often neglect the timing of posting their content. An info-graphic by QuickSprout reveals the if you post your content at around 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., you are more likely to garner more shares and clicks.

Monday, according to QuickSprout, is the best day of the week to post an update. Many of you must be wondering, what the timing of posting content has to do with personal brand. The answer is short and precise – everything. Effective personal branding requires you to understand your audience well and cater to their needs as much as possible to build traction.

Humanize your business for better results

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Your brand has to be approachable customer oriented and should connect with the audience promptly. This is one of the reasons why social media is a sought after marketing and promotional platform for businesses irrespective of their size and nature. The trend has caught up with Fortune 500 companies that are intensifying their promotions across social media platforms.

If a recent article on SteamFeed is to be believed, 77 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are visible on Twitter. Facebook and YouTube accommodate 70 percent and 69 percent of these companies respectively. This implies that communication is the key to attract, develop and retain an audience. Therefore, the communication has to be two way; you have to listen to your audience and know their experiences with your products and services.

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