The concept of personal branding marketing has been around for a while now. Personal branding marketing comes in handy in presenting a positive image that each one of us wishes to see. Many men and women have harnessed the potential of personal branding to bring to the fore their unique value proposition and create a niche for themselves.

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Personal branding marketing involves delivering a cautiously crafted message regarding one’s unique abilities, his record of accomplishments aside from his ethics and vision for the future.

Concisely, personal branding marketing plan personifies the individual and his aspirations.

However, while treading the path of personal branding, you may fall prey to certain pitfalls and end up losing the track. Go on reading and know about few such pitfalls that may entice but should be avoided at all expenses.

Lack of persistence

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Personal branding marketing takes time to deliver results and hence requires persistency in efforts and intent. It will take a while for your audience to recognize you and your personal brand. Many of us have a temptation to abandon personal branding midway and look for something else.

Remember, fleeing won’t help. It will only instill negativity in you and increase your frustration. You have to stay committed and consistent in your personal branding marketing and guide it according to your requirements. You have to remain motivated all along the way. Keep reminding yourself that you are just few steps away from success.

Lack of patience


Stating the obvious again, personal branding does not offer a quick fix solution. So be prepared to invest your time and efforts consistently before results starts to appear. You cannot push your brand onto your audience. They require ample time to take notice of it, compare and evaluate it before embracing it. Hence, you are left with no option but to wait while your brand goes through the motions. Again, resist the temptation of doing away with personal branding. Impatience can deter your progress; so be patient and have trust in yourself as well as in your brand.

Changing your personal brand midway

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History has it that many of the established brands have fallen prey to the temptation of changing their personal brand to alter outcomes. A high fashion designer, Calvin Klein made this mistake and had to pay for the same dearly. He sold his jeans through Costco, which is a membership-only warehouse club. The ploy backfired and did a considerable damage to its branding endeavors. According to many, brand Calvin Klein is yet to recover from the crisis.

It is in your best interest to stick to your personal branding strategy until and unless it starts yielding results. That said, staying with the same branding message forever would also prove detrimental to your branding endeavors. You are your own brand; hence, all the personal branding marketing should be focused on you. As an individual, you will grow and evolve with time, and so will your audience. Therefore, it is advisable to make annual plans, as one year is enough time to access your progress.

It is vital to ask yourself a question – Is your branding strategy still relevant to your ever evolving audience. Decide your further course of action only after determining the answer. If you are a transformed individual, make the necessary alterations in your branding to make it more in harmony with your present personality. However, do remember to keep the essence of your brand intact.

The fundamentals of personal branding are neither complicate nor rigid allowing for a seamless integration with your business, personal and professional life.

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