Gone are the days when the concept of branding was a prerogative of the businesses. Currently, each one of us requires a brand. The more intent we reveal in building our brand, the better our chances of success are. Not all of us have consciously cultivated these brands, but they exist nonetheless.

Now the question is no longer, ‘IF you have a personal brand’, but it has transformed into ‘WHAT your personal brand is’. Here we are discussing few effective ways to build a universally acceptable personal brand.

Start thinking of yourself as a brand

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Begin the personal brand building process by asking yourself the all-important question – what would you like the people around you and posterity to remember you for. Probe yourself further – is there a certain field in which you want to excel and be perceived as an expert or you just wish to link your brand to few general qualities? The answers thus achieved can shape your personal brand and keep it authentic at all times.

Remember, keeping your brand as authentic as possible is vital, after all your audience should be able to associate with it. No matter, you are working with a business establishment or are at the helm of its affairs, strong and authentic personal brand has the potential to deliver tremendous ROI. History is full with countless names who have garnered success by building up authentic and powerful personal brands and you can be one of them.

Audit your online presence

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If we lack the complete understanding of the current situation, molding perceptions becomes hard or say impossible. Your online presence should be distinct, which may not be possible if you have a common name. To overcome this, use your middle initial or middle name and distinguish yourself from those who share your name. Creating and maintaining an enduring personal brand is all about how you respond to feedback and building an intellectual property around it.

Secure a personal website

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Your personal website is your virtual office from where you can manage all your online operations. A personal website bestows upon you the chances of garnering top rankings on prominent search engines and enhances your online visibility. A website authoritatively takes the message regarding you, your products and the values you stand for to the audience.

Your personal website does not necessarily be robust.

Prefer a simple, easy to navigate and no-frills website. Ensure to incorporate your resume, social platforms links, and a concise bio-data, as these elements add credibility to your claims. Initially, 2 to 3 page website can serve your purpose and when the situation demands, you can always expand on the website and incorporate other elements and features into it.

Reinvent your brand

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The success of your personal brand depends on a strong narrative. Simply speaking, your audience will develop a liking for your brand only if you are capable of relating your story to them. Just consider few success stories of personal branding such as Richard Branson, Madonna and Martha Stewart. All of the aforementioned names have a clear story and a consistent brand. A proper narrative becomes essential, if you are someone with multiple passions or areas of interest. You have to put in extra effort to seamlessly unify them into one theme and present it to your target audience. Therefore, it is imperative for you to reinvent your story consistently and constantly.

Building an authentic and successful personal brand requires you to guide and cultivate the brand building process, instead of letting it be defined on your behalf.

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