Social media has a vital role to play in building and promoting personal brands, as it ensures a steady flow of clients that your brand desire and deserve. It opens gates for mutually rewarding partnerships and allows for greater mindshare. For reasons these and more, we have come up with insights as to how to get your personal brand steamrolling on social media.

Choose your areas of expertise judiciously

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Ask yourself a simple question – what is your Unique Selling Point. Ascertaining your areas of expertise will pave for a better personal brand strategy. In this competition driven scenario, preferring for a generic field human resources or marketing will not suffice. It is advisable to opt for a specific niche and acquire specialization in the same. Catering to a niche means restricting the size of your audience but you can take solace from the fact that niche audience is much more relevant.

Life coaches, personality development and branding experts propound a variety of ways to determine your area of expertise. Majority of them agree that determining your areas of expertise initiates with one simple question – How you wish to be remembered by people. Call it a contingency plan or a prudent ploy; consider at least three areas where you can excel.


Constantly search for conversations and topics related to areas in which you seek expertise and social media is an ideal place to do the same. Perform a keyword search related to your preferred areas on any social media platform. For instance, Twitter allows you to search for the keyword or hash tag and refine it with an array of Advanced Search options such as geographical location, language, and sentiment.

BuzzSumo is yet another tool that allows you to find which articles, videos, and stories in your niche are finding takers. What makes it standout is the Influencers tab coming incorporated at the top of the page that will assist you in finding influential people in your niche.

Be consistent with your name and profile picture on across all your social media profiles

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Be it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr or Facebook, remaining consistent with your content and presentation will certainly help. People can easily identify you if your profile speaks more or less the same language and endorse the same picture. The fewer the variations, the more are your chances of leaving an enduring impression on the minds of the audience. It takes some doing in creating a consistent image on your social media profiles. Below are a few steps to get the ball rolling.

Reserve your name on all social channels:

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Begin by finding out a unique username and Knowem can assist you. You just have to enter the username you intend to use on Knowem to see its availability across 25 of the most sought after social networks. If fortunes favors, you will have the same username on all platforms. However, if you run out of luck, consider sticking to a standard variation.

Use a consistent name on all channels:

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Keep your first and last name standard and refrain from using shortened names or nicknames. Avoid changing your profile photo across all channels. As your personal brand evolves, remaining consistent with your name and picture adds to your credibility and makes you more recognizable.

Create distinct, catchy headline:


Headlines are crucial in making you standout on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter bio, and Instagram. You have to come up with unique and catchy headlines that can reveal the essence of your brand and attracts the attention of people. Brand Quarterly suggests a perfect approach to create headlines for your brand; just think of it as a headline on an ad for “Brand You.”

Harnessing the vast potential of Social media will provide impetus to your personal branding endeavors, so it’s high time to take it seriously.

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