Effectively phasing your brand to harness its full potential

Your personal brand is not limited to what you offer to your clients and how they perceive your offerings. It is about different shades of your personality, as well as your professional life. To give your brand a good growth, it is important that you create its phases and then weave these phases into a positive brand story. This is how your brand may become stronger and remain popular for a long time. Check out some tips to do the same.

Segment the growth of your brand

growth of your brand

It is very important that your brand grow in a manner that is affected by your personality. Since it is your personal brand, your qualities and thoughts should be reflected in its story. Set your values, identify your target customers, and accordingly segment your brand in a special way that displays what you are and what you believe in. Utilize different media to communicate to people about the way you see your personal brand. For instance, when you look at the way the Apple brand went through growth, you will notice that it is infused with the personality of Steve Jobs. He gave the brand a special segment and stuck to it during all types of communication he does with his prospective customers.

Work on major areas in your brand

Build up a strategy

When you want to infuse your personality into your personal brand, make sure to work on areas that can support your efforts. Set the right agendas for your brand and give it a voice. Build up a strategy through which you may spread this voice among people. For example, many large companies support their branding efforts with the help of their employees who carry their brand to the world. In fact, companies have been employing interesting and vibrant individuals who hold values similar to the brand. These employees help in finding opportunities in the right segments and prioritize on those segments.

Make your brand active

social platforms

It may take your brand to reach a top position where customers may recognize its entire story by simply looking at your brand logo. However, this is what you have been working for. Thus, it is necessary that you keep your brand active among customers. When it goes through a growth phase, it is critical to balance your personal and professional lives because both contribute to the brand growth. People are just not interested in your business card, but they are also interested in listening to your personal stories that are hidden behind that identify displayed on your card. Adopt channels lie social platforms to communicate these unknown stories actively to your prospective customers. Show them who you actually are and how it relates to your personal brand too. For example, you may have a sweetener brand. This can be pushed actively if people simply see you using the same sweetener in your own cup of tea. A picture post on your Facebook account may do the trick.

Rebrand when required

online sources

Not every phase of the growth of your brand may require the same branding efforts. Thus, keep identifying when you may need active rebranding. Keep taking inspirations from various sources and implement them in your own brand as and when necessary. For example, the world is moving more and more toward social media and online sources of information. If you keep confined to traditional ways of communication, then your brand may not be able to reach a large portion of your target audience. Thus, it may be time to switch over to new media and display your personal and professional personalities in a rebranded manner.

Not all times during the life of your brand may be the same. Thus, phase up your brand through right segmentation and work in the required branding areas while balancing your personal and professional lives effectively.

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