Common personal brand identity pitfalls to avoid

Personal branding is increasingly finding favor among business establishments and people across all ages for reasons not hard to comprehend. By complying with the principles of personal branding, you can create a distinct, robust and authentic brand identity. From growth perspective, it is vital to avoid few common personal branding identity mistakes that most us often are vulnerable to. By avoiding them, you can create an enduring brand identity that can keep you and your company in good stead among your target audience.  


Brand building

Brand building is not a onetime endeavor; rather it is always a “work in progress.” The ever-dynamic scenario demands you to replenish, refurbish or reinvent you personal brand.   Establishing your brand identity requires a consistent and unified effort on your part. Consistency is vital to maintain the momentum of the work in progress. Therefore, inconsistency is no option here. Inconsistency in your efforts may take your clients away from you and make you languish. It is advisable to ascertain what strengths of your brand you wish to project and promote among your audience and make efforts to build an image accordingly. Adhering to your core strategies will enable you to remain consistent.


Target your customers on Blackboard

Focus is one of the prerequisites for success. The moment you lose focus of your core competencies, your clients and your goals, your brand building endeavor is jeopardized. Many established brands have come crashing when they lost focus or were helmed by unfocused people. If you are serious about creating a perfect empowered brand identity, it becomes essential to focus on things that are of utmost importance to your target audience.

Focus on their mental set up, their aspirations and challenges they face and build a brand identity accordingly. Many personal branding coaches and experts often encourage their clients to focus not on their products but how can it make a difference in the lives of people who are taking decisions about you.


 Stand Out From The Crowd Concept

Customers have a general tendency to go with a product that they find authentic and provide value for each penny they spent. You have to be authentic with your approach and efforts when creating a brand identity. Tell your strengths to the world, but refrain from exaggerating your claims.

Over committing is nothing short of a crime in personal branding. So, promise what you can deliver. All human beings are distinct in terms of nature, approach and mental makeup. Showcasing your uniqueness in an authentic manner will make you stand out from the crowd. You can always use a bit of creativity to benchmark your uniqueness because this will inspire more people to buy from you.

No Priorities


Owing to the multitude of tasks we do or are supposed to do in our professional life, it becomes imperative to set our priorities right. You may have to deal with things that may be important and urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent or not important and not urgent. How you perceive and manage these tasks could prove decisive in personal branding.

Keep a list of priorities ready and adhere to them. If you do not have priorities, how can you expect to accomplish personal branding? In absence of priorities, your chances of reaching out to the new clients are minimal; plus you run a risk of losing the existing ones too. In terms of branding, your audience is your top priority. Hence, you have to focus all your resources to extend your reach.

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