What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding, as the name suggests, helps you market yourself by labeling you and your career as ‘Brands’. Personal Branding gives you the freedom to be yourself and present it in a way that it attracts people around you. Personal branding also allows you to maintain the image you want to portray in your personal and professional circles.

Why should I develop Personal Brand?

Personal brand gives you greater exposure, credibility, opportunities and attention. Development of a personal brand not only helps spread the right word about you, it also boosts your self-confidence, self knowledge which eventually allow you to live better, glorious and fruitful life.  With the right branding, you will be able to leave a mark and people will gain faith in you and your personality.

How do you help me?

We provide comprehensive consultancy, marketing and online presence strategy for you. After identifying your true strength we will propose you a strategy along with your personal website which will allow you to get better results in your life. All personal branding packages includes consultancy from Dr Prem, who has guided celebrities, global experts and many successful individuals.


An overwhelming question, with a relevant answer. Going with us means going with the leading lights in the business, who have the desired wherewithal to deliver results superseding your expectations. We are all in readiness to offer you an array of services intended at making your online venture as convenient, devoid of all hassles and rewarding as possible. Quality is our forte & customer satisfaction is our prime endeavor. We never ever compromise on these two vital aspects and the results are there for everyone to see. Go on reading & assess for yourself why we are what we are – the undisputed leaders in our segment.

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Why You Should Have Your Personal Website?

The main tasks of a personal website are to promote your personal brand in the digital world and help you in building a niche for yourself. Personal websites are in demand due to their capacity of generating interest among the visitors and imparting correct information. Personal websites tell your peers about your dreams, aims, professional credentials and aspirations. It showcases you in style and is effective in getting you noticed by employers. Some people argue that sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus are sufficient in letting employers and contemporaries know about personal achievements and career milestones. The truth is that personal websites are far more stylish and makes it easier to contact you. Your personal website is a manifestation of your personality to the audience. In the following you will find several reasons for having a well designed personal website.


  • All in the same place
  • Share your opinions in style
  • Not as expensive as you think
  • Good for the creative people
  • Easier to get picked for jobs
  • Demonstrate your passions with élan

Content Services

We have been in the digital content industry for a decade and understand the intricacies involved in creating content that is loved by both your readers and search engines.

Responsive Theme designing

We design themes that are highly responsive and Retina compatible to ensure that your readers always get the best view of your webpage, irrespective of the type of device they’re browsing it on. .

Social Media

We completely understand that you want your web presence to be highlighted on all social media platforms. Leave the tedious work to us and just reap the benefits.

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− Michelle – Bricklan, London


  • Consultancy with Dr Prem – Impact
  • Personal Brand Strategy
  • Standard Website Development
  • Complete web hosting
  • Regular website updates
  • 1, 00,000 page views a month
  • 5 blog articles per month


  • Consultancy with Dr Prem – Impact
  • Impact Personal Branding Strategy
  • Strategic Targeting / Positioning Strategies
  • Impactful Web site Design
  • Complete webhosting
  • Regular website updates
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • SEO Services
  • 10 blog articles per month
  • Design support directly from the experts
  • Migration of existing content from other WordPress sites
  • Guaranteed you with 1000 social media followers
  • Create your Logo


  • Consultancy with Dr Prem – VIP
  • VIP Personal Branding Strategy
  • Strategic Targeting / Positioning Strategies
  • Etiquette Training
  • VIP Web site design with Advance Feature
  • Complete webhosting
  • Regular website updates
  • Unlimited Page Views
  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Optimisation Services
  • 10 blog articles per month
  • Design support directly from the experts
  • Migration of existing content from other WordPress sites
  • Guaranteed you with 10000 social media followers
  • Logo Creation